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Class 1 - Best condition pony (R1)Class 2 - Young stock (R1)Class 3 - Welsh breeds (R1)Class 4 - M&M small & large breeds (R1)Class 5 - Coloureds (R1)Class 6 - Hunter (R1)Class 7 - Tack and turnout (R1)Class 8 - Novice horse (R1)Class 9 - Ridden hunter (R1)Class 10 - Ridden Cob (R1)Class 11 - Ridden veteran (R1)Class 12 - Ridden coloureds (R1)Class 13 - Ridden coloureds (R1)Class 14 - Riding club horse/pony (R1)Class 15 - Best condition horse (R2)Class 16 - Veteran (R2)Class 17 - Foreign breeds (R2)Class 18 - Cob (R2)Class 19 - Sports horse (R2)Class 20 - Child handler 10 years and under (R2)Class 21 - Child handler 11-16 (R2)Class 22 - Prettiest mare (R2)Class 23 - Most handsome gelding (R2)Class 24 - Novice pony (R2)Class 25 - Family pony (ring 2)Class 26 - Lead rein pony (ring 2)Class 27 - First ridden (ring 2)Class 28 - Novice rider (ring 2)Class 29 - Ridden M&M (ring 2)In hand ChampionshipRidden Championship